Library Use
Any person who lives, works, attends school or pays taxes in Mendham Borough may request a library card according to policies set by the Board. The Library is part of the Morris County system (Main) and, as such, all cardholders have limited privileges with all other Main affiliates. The library affords these same privileges to other Main members. There is no age requirement for a library card.

Loan Periods
Books, audiobooks, videos, DVD’s, and magazines may be borrowed from the Library: Books – 2 weeks, Audiobooks – 2 weeks, Feature (Fiction) DVD’s – 2 days for new releases; 7 days for older titles, TV series 14 days $1 charge, Instructional (Nonfiction) DVD’s – 2 weeks; no charge and Magazines back issues – 1 week.

Materials may be renewed if they have not been requested by another patron. You can renew in person, by logging into your account through the online catalog, or over the phone (973) 543-4152. Items may be returned to any Main library.

There is no charge for loans of books, audiobooks, magazines. DVDs are subject to a $1 rental charge. Overdue books, audiobooks, and magazines will incur a late fine of 15 cents per day. Overdue DVDs will incur a late fine of $1 per day. Replacement library cards incur a fine of $3 per card.

Reserves and Requests
Books in the Library’s collection that are checked out may be put on reserve. Book’s outside the Library’s collection may be requested by interlibrary loan. You can make requests in person or on the phone (973) 543-4152.

Internet Use
Please click to review the library’s policies on Internet Use.

Social Media Policy
Please click to review the library’s Social Media Policy.

Museum Pass Policy
Please click to review the library’s policy on Museum Pass.

Exhibits and Displays Agreement
Please click to review the library’s Exhibits and Displays Agreement.

Gifts and Donations Policy
Gifts are always appreciated and, in fact, monetary donations are essential to the library’s ability to function. Gifts-in-kind are gratefully accepted, subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees.

We appreciate our patron’s generosity in donating used audiobooks, newer books and books in good condition. Please call before dropping off books and do not leave books outside or in the book drop when the library is closed.

Patron Rules of Conduct
Please click to review the library’s policy on Patron Conduct.

Unattended Children in the Library
Please click to review the library’s policy on Unattended Children in the Library.