About the Library

Mendham Borough Library is a community-centered environment, providing user-friendly resources and entertainment for people of all ages. The Library is a center for literary, cultural and community activities, and is committed to being fiscally responsible, appropriately staffed and technologically current to continually anticipate the needs of our community.

To provide a dynamic, welcoming environment that supports a rich literary and cultural experience with high quality information services and a current, innovative collection that reflects community needs.

Mendham Borough’s library has existed in various forms since 1797. A Mendham Library Company operated for most of the 19th century until it faded from existence. In 1911 The Literary Club formed the Mendham Library Association and housed a collection built from private donations in St. Mark’s parish house. Memberships were available for a dollar with an additional lending fee of twenty-five cents per book. About the same time a group called the “Book and Thimble Club” dedicated itself to maintaining the library. At their meetings, one member would read aloud while the others sewed articles for the annual fund-raising bazaar.

In 1931, the library moved to a small building behind Robinson’s Drug Store and in 1932 took possession of its new home at 10 Hilltop Road. Mrs. Louise Forsythe Demarest had left moneys in her will for the construction and maintenance of this building. Forty-six years later, in 1978, the building doubled in size thanks to gifts from Andrew Fletcher, longtime board member and former mayor.

From its beginnings the library served all the citizens of Mendham. Only in 1947 did a formal organization begin in Mendham Township. Since then there have been several efforts to merge the two organizations. Meanwhile, Mendham Borough Library, despite physical and financial restraints, strives to present top quality collections, programs and services.